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Lick Mat

Lick Mat

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Introducing our Breezeblock Design Lick Mat – The Ultimate Blend of Style and Function for Your Dog's Well-being!

Enhance your pet’s daily routine with this beautifully designed and practical lick mat. It's perfect for enriching your dog's licking experience and supporting their health in multiple ways.

Key Features:

  • Breezeblock Design: Our unique breezeblock pattern adds a touch of elegance to your home. It also stimulates your pet mentally, making treat time therapeutic and enjoyable.
  • FDA Approved Silicone: Crafted from FDA-approved silicone, our lick mat is safe, durable, and free from harmful chemicals. It ensures a healthy eating surface for your beloved pet.
  • Sturdy Suction Cups: Equipped with strong suction cups, our mat attaches securely to walls and flat surfaces. This is especially helpful for older dogs or those with mobility issues. It prevents them from bending down to the floor.
  • Ideal Size for Any Pet: Measuring 15cm by 15cm, our lick mat is perfectly sized for dogs of all breeds and ages. It's portable and easy to place anywhere, from your living room to your bathroom wall during bath time.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for distracting your pet during stressful situations like baths or noisy events. Spread your dog's favorite soft food on the mat and stick it to a wall to make shower time fun and stress-free. For hot days, freeze the mat with a treat spread on it to provide a cooling, satisfying snack.
  • Easy Cleanup: After your pet enjoys their treat, cleanup is simple. Our lick mat is dishwasher safe. Just pop it in for a thorough, hassle-free clean. This ensures the mat is always ready for the next use, keeping everything sanitary and convenient for both you and your pet.
  • Invest in Your Dog's Well-being: Our Breezeblock Design Lick Mat promotes mental stimulation, stress relief, and provides the perfect distraction. It's an essential addition to your pet care toolkit. Give your furry friend the gift of fun, health, and happiness!
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